03-31-2019 Lectio Divina

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary-St. Richard Catholic Church
Journey of Faith
Opening Prayer
Scripture Readings
“All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for
teaching, for refutation, for correction, and for training in
righteousness, so that one who belongs to God may be
competent, equipped for every good work.”

2 Timothy 3:16
How often do you read and reflect on Scripture?

Another ancient, prayer practice is Lectio Divina (“Divine Reading”). Basically, it is a spiritual reading, meditation, and prayer on Sacred Scripture, especially the Gospels. This practice engages us in the power of the Word of God to speak to our heart and the depth of our innermost being, to transform us, to guide us to discern God’s will for us, and calling us to respond in love through thought, word, and action. Like other prayer practices, we are called to dedicate some quiet time to engage fruitfully in this practice.

There are four primary movements or elements of this practice that are summarized as follows:
The first element of this type of prayer is reading (lectio): you take a short passage from the Bible, preferably a Gospel passage and read it carefully, perhaps three or more times. Let it really soak-in.

The second element is meditation (meditatio). By using your imagination enter into the Biblical scene in order to "see" the setting, the people, and the unfolding action. It is through this meditation that you encounter the text and discover its meaning for your life.

The next element is prayer (oratio) or your personal response to the text: asking for graces, offering praise or thanksgiving, seeking healing or forgiveness. In this prayerful engagement with the text, you open yourself up to the possibility of contemplation.

Contemplation (contemplatio) is a gaze turned toward Christ and the things of God. By God's action of grace, you may be raised above meditation to a state of seeing or experiencing the text as mystery and reality. In contemplation, you come into an experiential contact with the One behind and beyond the text.” (USCCB, “What is Lectio Divina?)
Each week the U.S. Bishops publish a simple two-page form, in either English or Spanish, to guide us through the four movements in praying the Lectio Divina using Sunday's Gospel reading. You can access this from from the link below, or under the "Faith Formation Resources" section on the Home page of our Parish website, or go to Catholic.Bible and select the “Lectio Divina” tab for either the English or Spanish version. This is a great way to help spiritually prepare ourselves for the upcoming weekend Mass.

Through this and other modes of prayer we are called by God’s grace to continually transform our hearts, minds, and entire being to grow in a mutually loving relationship with God. As disciples of Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit, we are called to become active agents in living, ministering to others, proclaiming, and witnessing to the good news of God’s reign of love, peace, justice, joy, forgiveness, mercy, healing, reconciliation, and salvation in our time and place.
Reflect on Your Experience

Do you spend dedicated time in the prayerful reading, meditating, and allowing the Word of God to speak to your heart, mind, and entire being?

How do you respond to God’s call? ?
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